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A turbulent founding on 19/12/1909

Tumultuous scenes played out last evening in connection with the foundation of ”Ballspiel-Verein Borussia 1909“ [Ball Sports Club “Borussia 1909”] in the north east of Dortmund. Over 40 members of the youth Catholic Holy Trinity, Flurstrasse, met at 1900 in the ”Zum Wildschutz“ restaurant at Oesterholzstrasse 60, with the intention of founding ”BVB“ partly out of a love for sport but also out of anger at chaplain Hubert Dewald who is responsible for youth affairs in the trinity. Speaker and vice-president of the fledgling club, Franz Jacobi, announced, ”I have been a member of the Trinity Youth since 1902 and since 1906 we have been playing on the ”Weissen Wiese“.

We footballers have been systematically attacked and defamed by our church since 1906. We can no longer put up with this. This club is absolutely necessary.“ Father Dewald tried to intervene personally to stop the founding without success. Both he and his followers were denied entry, at times forcibly. However, his appearance did see some 20 rebels back down and so just ”18“ true Borussen took part in the foundation. By the way, the name ”Borussia“ is leant from the Borussia brewery on the street Steiger Strasse. The club colours: blue and white stripes with a red inset, black shorts. The new club will now seek admittance to the West German FA.

BVB register their first binding constitution before the courts

BVB register their first binding constitution before the courts

The Ballspiel-Verein ”Borussia 1909“, Dortmund, a member of the West German FA, the German FA and the German Athletics Association, today registered its first club constitution.

The club is committed to the betterment of the people through the playing of football and other physical games. Contained, amongst other things, in the constitution is the following rule:

To miss a competitive game without good reason will incur a 1 Reichsmark fine. Later arrival, again when no good reason provided, incurs 50% of that sum as fine.

Leaving the field without permission of the team leader will incur a 2RM fine. The team leader’s decision is to be respected at all times. Players who choose not to follow his instructions can be excluded by him from games. It is specifically not allowed to smoke during games.

This last point is of particular significance in the light of recent events. The association magazine ”Körper und Geist” [Body and Soul] recently reported that ”We take this opportunity to make grass sport associations aware that they ought to give some time to observing their own referees. Only recently, this correspondent witnessed a competitive fixture where the referee calmly observed proceedings whilst puffing on a cigar. What sort of an impression does this make on players and spectators alike.“

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