Home Schooling

We’ve all been taken a little by surprise, how hard is home schooling right! , we’ve certainly found a higher level of respect for our teachers. Trying to keep up with the daily online lessons with an equal standard of work expectations has proved we can multitask, actually – I’m getting good at it but that’s probably because there’s not hours of endless travelling wasted.

Fold Away Hot Desks

My kitchen table has become a ‘hot desk’ – balancing the kids having their breakfast and clearing the table with the first lessons of the day and who will be the first to sit down for it is hard. The penny dropped for me when the designs I had made, they loved. It was their desk and because I could put them up in their bedrooms, a couple of things happened – I got my kitchen table back and they spent more time focusing on the things I needed them to.

Credit: Behance

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